Coronavirus COVID-19 Level 2 (VTQ) Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Really insightful training with fantastic training videos to show the correct procedures. ”

    ~ Grant from Buckinghamshire
  • “Very helpful and informative ”

    ~ Ruth
  • “It is a good basic course but you need to be aware of local rules and regulations as well”

    ~ Joseph
  • “Well present course, with clear and up to date instruction.”

    ~ Geoffrey, Nurse from Middlesex
  • “This was a very factual course which gave clear and real information about COVID 19 rather than the myths being spread. ”

    ~ Nyc
  • “I feel more confident in dealing with patients.”

    ~ Hassan from Forest Hill
  • “Great course!”

    ~ John from SOUTH GLAMORGAN

    ~ David from Kent
  • “Interesting and in-depth ”

    ~ Matthew, Barber
  • “Good all round experience very helpful how to take gloves of ”

    ~ Carl from Staffordshire
  • “good understandable well presented”

    ~ marianna
  • “Very informative ”

    ~ Agnieszka from California
  • “Training is thorough and interesting.”

    ~ samantha from Surrey
  • “Very straight forward and useful information.”

    ~ Melissa, Massage Therapist from London
  • “Iā€™m very informed now šŸ‘”

    ~ Stuart from Strathclyde
  • “A thoroughly detailed but simple course that is also easy to understand and follow.”

    ~ Chris from California
  • “I like the short videos. It kept me engaged and I was able to focus on each topic than it all being combined together.”

    ~ Rachel from LONDON
  • “very informative and clearly spoken”

    ~ Julie
  • “Very informative and clear ”

    ~ Miranda from California
  • “Very nice content and easy to understand”

    ~ Jayne, Manager
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “Great to revisit and hone knowledge.”

    ~ Elizabeth, 3 months ago
  • “Good course”

    ~ Sergio, 3 months ago
  • “This give good protection to other people about COVID-19 and can teach people how to protect themselves and save other lives”

    ~ Remus, 5 months ago
  • “Very informative and a must do for everyone”

    ~ Barry, 6 months ago
  • “Ask as many questions as possible.”

    ~ Khushbu, 6 months ago
  • “Interesting ”

    ~ Julie, 8 months ago
  • “Covers the length and breadth of the mainstream information, precautions, risks, and concerns associated with Coronavirus. Very thorough.”

    ~ Akeem, 9 months ago
  • “Thorough and concise as with all the material”

    ~ Grant, 12 months ago
  • “ ”

    ~ Jack, about 1 year ago
  • “Pro Training is the best training online ”

    ~ Kayode, about 1 year ago
  • “Very informative and explained in detail.”

    ~ Kimberley, about 1 year ago
  • “Time intensive but essential ”

    ~ Clara, about 1 year ago
  • “A good course to do and it gave me an insight on the current situation going on around us at this present time.”

    ~ Julie, about 1 year ago
  • “Certain sections of the course are repeated”

    ~ Trevor, over 1 year ago
  • “I have done other ProTraining courses face to face but this was a first online and it was brilliant. ”

    ~ Andrew, over 1 year ago
  • “Thank I learn a lot Ian I hope ..”

    ~ Mihamoud Mohamed, over 1 year ago
  • “Very good ”

    ~ Amy, over 1 year ago
  • “Great experience ”

    ~ Clint, over 1 year ago
  • “great course”

    ~ Jordan, over 1 year ago
  • “Great”

    ~ John, over 1 year ago