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Need personal protective equipment?

You should maintain a 2-metre distance where possible because the risk of transmission is minimised at this distance.

From 4 July 2020, the government guidance on social distancing changed. If you cannot keep a 2-metre distance, reduce the risk to yourself and others by maintaining a 1-metre distance where possible, and taking additional, suitable precautions.

When you are travelling you can help keep yourself, other passengers and transport staff, safe, by taking precautions. These include limiting the number of people or households that you come into contact with, for example avoiding peak travel where possible.  Washing or sanitising your hands regularly, using a face covering and avoiding touching your face will help in preventing the spread of the virus.

You can also reduce the risk of you passing on the virus by covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or the inside of your elbow when coughing or sneezing.

When travelling try to travel side by side or behind other people, rather than facing them, where seating arrangements allow. Touch as few surfaces as possible and stay outdoors, rather than indoors, where possible.

Finally, minimise the time spent close to other people and where possible, avoid loud talking, shouting or singing and dispose of waste safely, including items such as used disposable face coverings.