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Proper Removal of FFP3 Respirator

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

While there are generic steps for removing a FFP3 respirator, always adhere to specific manufacturer instructions.

When to Change FFP3 Respirators

FFP3 respirators should be changed:

  • After Each Use: Ensure a fresh respirator is used for each session.
  • If Breathing Becomes Difficult: Replace the respirator if breathing becomes challenging.
  • If Damaged: Discard damaged respirators immediately.
  • If Contaminated: Dispose of respirators contaminated with body fluids like respiratory secretions.

Monitor your mask's condition during use and have multiple masks available. Use each mask only once and only for one patient.

Post-Removal Hand Hygiene

After removing personal protective equipment (PPE), perform hand hygiene immediately after removal and disposal. Maintain your respirator mask during this process. The only PPE to remove within a contaminated area are gloves, gowns or aprons, and eye protection.

Final Disposal and Handwashing

Upon leaving the contaminated area:

  1. Dispose of Respirator: Remove and dispose of your respirator mask.
  2. Handwashing: Wash your hands thoroughly after respirator disposal.