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Pet Care Advice During COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn how to maintain the welfare of your pets during the coronavirus pandemic.

Government Guidance

UK government guidelines from April 2020 provide advice on coronavirus and pets, emphasizing:

  • There is no evidence of coronavirus circulating in pets or other animals in the UK.
  • There is no indication that animals can transmit the disease to humans.
  • Follow general advice on handwashing, especially before and after contact with animals.

Advice for Dog Owners

For dog owners, consider the following:

  • If you have coronavirus symptoms and must stay at home, arrange for someone else to walk your dog.
  • Avoid non-essential trips to vets, but if urgent treatment is needed, contact the vet first.
  • When walking your dog, minimize time outside and maintain 2 metres distance from others.

Advice for Cat Owners

Similar guidelines apply to cat owners:

  • Avoid unnecessary vet visits and wash hands before and after contact with your cat.

Helping Vulnerable Persons

If you're assisting a vulnerable person, remember:

  • You may walk someone else's dog, but maintain social distancing and hygiene protocols.

Stay Informed

Guidance may change, so stay updated on the latest information regarding pet care during the pandemic.

Pet First Aid Courses

For pet first aid training, explore a range of courses available online.

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