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COVID-19 Treatment and Self-care Advice

No Cure, Symptomatic Treatment

COVID-19 has no cure, and antibiotics are ineffective against viruses. Key points include:

  • Symptomatic Treatment: Doctors may recommend drugs to alleviate symptoms, but no cure exists.
  • Treatment Goal: Relief of symptoms while the body combats the illness.

NHS Self-care Recommendations

The NHS advises the following to maintain well-being:

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water until urine is pale and clear.
  • Use Paracetamol: Take paracetamol to alleviate symptoms.
  • Stay Connected: Maintain communication with family and friends via phone or social media.
  • Keep Busy: Engage in activities like cooking, reading, online learning, and watching films.
  • Light Exercise: If feeling well enough, engage in light exercise.

Monitor symptoms and seek medical advice if concerned. Hospital treatment may be necessary, but avoid directly visiting medical facilities to prevent spreading the virus to healthcare professionals. Patients should remain in isolation until recovery.

Use of Ibuprofen

The use of ibuprofen for COVID-19 treatment has sparked debate. The NHS advises:

Ibuprofen Use: While evidence is inconclusive, consider taking paracetamol for symptom relief unless advised otherwise by a doctor. If already using ibuprofen or another NSAID, consult with a doctor before discontinuing use.