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There is no cure for COVID 19 and Antibiotics do not help, as they do not work against viruses. Doctors can give or recommend drugs to help your symptoms but not actually cure the virus. Treatment aims to relieve the symptoms while your body fights the illness.

The NHS advice is currently quoting to help yourself stay well:- drink plenty of water to stay hydrated – drink enough so your urine is pale and clear.

· take paracetamol to help ease your symptoms.

· stay in touch with family and friends over the phone or on social media, to help you avoid feeling low or lonely.

· try to keep yourself busy – you could try activities like cooking, reading, online learning and watching films.

· do light exercise, if you feel well enough to.

Monitor symptoms and report to medical professionals if you are worried. It may be that the patient needs hospital treatment but do not just turn up at hospitals or at the Doctors as you will spread the virus to medical professionals. Stay at home and phone.

Patients with COVID 19 will need to stay in isolation away from other people until they have recovered.

One question that has received a lot of press is “can I take ibuprofen if I have coronavirus?” The NHS website has made a statement on ibuprofen that states, “There is currently no strong evidence that ibuprofen can make coronavirus (COVID-19) worse. But until we have more information, take paracetamol to treat the symptoms of coronavirus, unless your doctor has told you paracetamol is not suitable for you. If you are already taking ibuprofen or another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) on the advice of a doctor, do not stop taking it without checking first.”