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Isolation lengths if someone in a household has symptoms of Coronavirus will vary as it can take time for the virus to pass to others in the household. People can also be asymptotic which means they have the virus but show not symptoms at all.  People who are asymptotic can still pass open the virus to others.

If a household has one person when they develop symptoms on day one the isolation starts.  If the symptoms end, isolation can end but not until at least 10 days have passed. If symptoms persist, stay in isolation.

If there is a household of two, and caring on from the last example, person B has to stay in isolation for 14 days.  If person B develops symptoms on day three, isolation can then end on day ten or later once symptoms end.  If they develop symptoms later then the period extends.

If there is a household of 3 people and person C develops symptoms at day 13, they have to isolate till at least day 20 or when symptoms stop.  This can mean that a household of three, someone could have an isolation period of at least 20 days or longer.

This example is not the pattern for everyone and there are variables but it does show that Coronavirus and COVID 19 will affect your household for a long time and you must stay isolated as you may pass the virus on to others if you go out while infected.  This is very serious as COVID 19 kills.